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The statistics are staggering…

Conservative studies find one in five youth aging out of foster care will become homeless after 18; at 24, only half will be employed; less then 3% will have earned a college degree; 71% of women will be pregnant by 21…

On average, for every young person who ages out, taxpayers and communities pay $35,000 a year in social costs. 50% of the homeless population spent time in foster care. 65% of youth leaving foster care will need immediate housing upon discharge. Former foster children are nearly twice as likely to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as United States war veterans returning from tours in Iraq 75% of women and 33% of men receive  government benefits to meet basic needs after they age out of foster care.

Fostering Futures serves youth aged 14-21 who are or have been in the foster care system, have been neglected or abused, or just need support as they move into adulthood.

Through our ReBoot Computer Lab, our Tiny House Project, and our 1st Place on 2nd Street Micro Home Community project we help develop independent living skills so that these youth will emancipate as successful members of our community.

We also administer the John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Program for Montrose and Delta counties.

How we help

Independent Living Skills Training

Many of the youth aging out of foster care don’t have the basic skills to successfully live independently. They have no one to call to get even the simplest questions answered or help with a problem. Through funding from the John H Chafee Foster Care Independence Program we provide group and one on one skills training to help youth develop skills in Money Management, Employment, Housing, Education, Healthy Eating and Cooking and more. To find out more about ILS contact the Youth Services Program Manager here.

Tiny House Project

We worked with over 50 youth to teach them building and teamwork skills by building a tiny house on wheels! It took us a year to build so we call it the longest build for the smallest house ever! See pictures and learn more here!


1st Place on 2nd Street, a Fostering Futures Community.

1st Place on 2nd Street will provide permanence for youth emancipating from foster care, through supervision, support,guidance, and a stable place to achieve independence. A little piece of home. A place where they can afford rent, pursue an education or training, get a credit history, a driver’s license, and a first job. To learn more abut this amazing project click here!


ReBoot Computer Lab

Through our ReBoot computer lab youth learn how to build and repair computers. They tear apart computers donated from our community and rebuild them, reinstall operating systems and then donate them back to the community. The first computer they build they get to keep for themselves! To find out more about the ReBoot Computer Lab contact the Youth Services Program Manager here.

Reboot kids