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1st Place on 2nd Street

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1st Place on 2nd Street
In the past year, CASA of the 7th Judicial District has had ten youth emancipate out of our services; 6 are currently homeless or couch surfing, 4 we cannot locate. How many other youth face  similar circumstances? What about those coming out of juvenile detention, living with grandparents, or trying to finish high school while couch surfing at a friend’s. Working with Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), regional foundations, and local organizations, CASA is developing an 8 unit, micro-home community that will provide affordable housing for youth turning 18 and transitioning to independence. Partnering with the Colorado Workforce Center, many of these same youth will participate in the construction, learning valuable trade and problem solving skills. 

1st Place on 2nd Street will provide permanence for youth emancipating from foster care, through supervision, support,guidance, and a stable place to achieve independence. A little piece of home. A place where they can afford rent, pursue an education or training, get a credit history, a driver’s license, and a first job.

Construction is anticipated to begin in March 2018!

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